March 29, 2023

by Leo Hohmann, Leo Hohmann:

While Americans find out, 3 years late, how the Covid bioweapon was fraudulently sold as a natural ‘virus’, half the world is preparing for all-out war against the United States

There are congressional hearings and then there are congressional hearings.

Some of the testimony has been quite riveting this week regarding the origins of Covid, particularly the parts from Dr. Robert Redfield, the former CDC director, who seems like an honorable man who wanted to do the right thing but was prevented from doing it by Dr. Anthony Fauci and the rest of the deep-state apparatus.


Still, we mustn’t lose sight of the fact that this is being broadcast out three years after the fact, and the timing is suspect. It comes just as the entity in Washington that claims to be our government is trying to pivot away from six decades of treating the CCP-control Chinese government as a friend and ally — literally building them up and transferring all of our most vital technology to them — to now suddenly making them an enemy of America.

So while much of what we’re seeing is theater — no Americans will be held accountable for the crimes against humanity they committed by working with the Chinese communists to develop a bioweapon to be used against the American people — the real news this week is being ignored.

Here’s the real timely news: The entire world is mobilizing for a world war. Yes, it appears we really will go back down that road just 78 years after the last world war ended.

Here is some of what’s going on.

  • North Korea is returning to its threatening ways, planning to blast off a nuclear test and warning that if it gets shot down they will consider that a “declaration of war.” Biden is dispatching additional troops to one of the world’s most volatile hotspots, South Korea. Keep in mind that North Korea is not in control of its own affairs and operates as a satellite nation of China.
  • China is opening more than 100 war mobilization centers. They’ve also unveiled a new app for its civilians to notify them of where they can go to take shelter when the bombs and missiles start flying. The Chinese have also cut underwater cables connecting Taiwan’s telecommunications. They are blaming it on a fisherman’s boat accident — yeah, right.
  • Russians were warned Thursday to take anti-radiation pills and rush to their nearest nuclear bomb shelters after hackers compromised state television servers to broadcast chilling messages.
  • Bakhmut is ready to collapse, giving the Russians the first big victory they’ve been looking for in Ukraine. The Russians also launched missile attacks on other cities last night, including the capital of Kiev, which is the major escalation a lot of us have been expecting in the face of weeks of escalations from NATO. Russia says the 81 missile strikes targeted infrastructure, but Ukraine says they killed six people.

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