March 31, 2023
Arthur PotatoeHammer; They Shoot Horses Don't They?
Greetings All, Arthur PotatoeHammer Here! And We are neck deep in another exciting game of World Of Tanks on the oldy but goody map Wide Park. Wide Park is one of those love it or hate it , but is usually a very fast fight and so it is with this Gun Run. Because this time out I am running a favorite of Mine, while The Mighty Jingles just Loves the TOG, I however hate the TOG, but for about 7 years now I have had a Great Deal of fun Running the Matilda, No! not the tier 4 Matilda,, The Tier 5 Ruskie Matilda a lend lease field derivative with a Russian 76 Millimeter gun Howitzer. That means the thick Hide of the Matilda and a fairly fast firing 76 milimeter Gun that does a lot more damage than the Tier four's 40 milimeter gun. And since she is a Tier 5 you meet all those annoying tier 4's that you dispatch in 2 to 3 shots As you can see we start shooting as half the enemy team rushed to the rail road ridge and presented so pretty silhouette's for us to flank shoot them several times. Of course after that I rush creeped to the rail spur, I mean I was driving Matilda, top speed 24 MPH going down hill, and for once I got to the rail head of the spur at the same time as the Opfor, and immediately triple shot a Lago and took my first blood, at that point I crossed the rail line and took up a defensive position behind the building and some rubble and began to hen peck a KV1S and a Wolverine to death using the 2.9 second reload if the gunn to burn them both down, The Wolverine did retreat the KV1S stood his ground and I was just out of his gun line of engagement, but I had a good line of shot on his lower plate and made good use of that for my 2nd kill I then chased the Wolverine but someone else got him, the game ended 30 seconds later

A Hot, Fast, Game On the Wide Park Map

With a painfully slow Tank