June 3, 2023
Transgender “affirmation” is creating a societal scourge of “people with untreated mental health conditions and raging narcissism”

by Ethan Huff, Natural News:

Women’s rights activists are increasingly making their voices heard on the transgenderism fad, which is erasing women’s sports and women themselves from society.

The issue is erupting all over Twitter, with one women’s rights activist account addressing the matter head on:

“Who could have predicted that delisting a mental health condition, replacing therapy with blind affirmation, would result in a movement rife with, wait for it, people with untreated mental health conditions and raging narcissism,” this person wrote.

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What is being said here, in essence, is that ever since gender dysphoria was changed from serious mental illness to just another color on the LGBT “rainbow,” an ever-growing wave of trans extremism seems to have taken over the Cult of LGBT.

It only makes sense that America’s culture of narcissism breeds this type of thing, which The Federalist‘s David Marcus describes as “trans obsessions.”

“A culture of narcissism has emerged, in which society exists primarily to make us happy,” Marcus wrote back in 2015, nearly a decade ago when trans extremism was still in its infancy.

“In the case of transgenderism, transition comes with an expectation of being treated more or less gently, or to pursue or be pursued by a different kind of sexual partner … These transitions are never about how someone feels in regard to themselves, but always expressed as a demand to be treated a certain way by society at large.”

Marcus would go on in that same piece to comment on the wider cultural embrace of narcissism throughout the West, which is breaking apart at the seams because of it.

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Trans narcissism is erasing women’s sports and women in general

Spiked columnist Patrick West also wrote a piece specifically about trans narcissism back in 2019 that highlights how it was really starting to oppress college campuses around that time.

The Sunday Times ran a weekend report about how more than a dozen academics, several of them feminist professors, were speaking up about the fears they felt concerning the rise in false accusations about “transphobia.”

Unless a person embraces every transgender delusion as fact, he or she is automatically dubbed a “transphobe” – even if he or she is a left-wing liberal who otherwise supports the LGB portion of the “rainbow” movement.

“It is intimidating and isolating,” said one such feminist professor, Selina Todd, at the time. “The view of these activists is that anyone who feels themselves to be a woman should be allowed to call themselves such. Questioning that desire is seen as hate speech that could be harmful.”

Things have only gotten worse since that time. In the year 2023, women’s sports continue to be invaded by trans “women” who are really just men in drag – and in some cases, men who have had their private parts removed and who take female hormones to seem more female. Anyone who questions this invasion, including the women negatively affected by it, are demonized by the trans cult as intolerant and bigoted.

This is the essence of trans narcissism, which even far-leftists are beginning to call out because it is starting to negatively affect them as well.

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