MSNBC's Melber: Manhattan Case Is 'Tabloid Watergate' -- Bad Day for Trump

MSNBC anchor Ari Melber said Tuesday during his network’s coverage of the indictment of Donald Trump that he believed the case was “tabloid Watergate.”

Melber said, “What comes through most and why this was a terrible day for Donald Trump is that there was a lot of expectation that this was going to be about essentially payments to one woman and it was going to feel like sex, lies and videotape. In fact, it looks more like tabloid Watergate.”

He continued, “The defendant has rights, the defendant is legally presumed innocent, but you are asking me about the DA and what the DA is saying is this is tabloid Watergate.”

Melber added, “This is about the lengths and extent of a corporate, secret, lying, now federally convicted plot to mislead the American public, to hide things that which might have affected their vote, and to do so in a manner that is already a convicted crime. That is bad for Donald Trump. That is not, as one lawyer put it outside the courthouse, boilerplate. If that is your boilerplate, throw your boilerplate out the window. You got a bad boilerplate case and you have a bad boilerplate life. That is not anyones life.”

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