Multi-brand consumer megacorp Unilever says it has become a “cloud-only enterprise” with the help of Accenture and Microsoft. From a report:

One of the largest and most complex cloud migrations in the retail goods industry, according to the company, will give Unilever “resilient, secure and optimised operations” as well as “a platform to drive innovation and growth.” The Anglo-Dutch biz owns more than 400 brands, which include everything from ice cream to shampoo to toilet cleaner, and is set to use Microsoft’s Azure as its “primary cloud platform.”

According to the corporate blurb, the move will see Unilever employ “industrial metaverse technologies” that use real-time data from factory digital twins. It musn’t have got the memo from Microsoft, which recently put a bullet in its own industrial metaverse masterplan. The cloud contract is also expected to help “achieve perpetual breakthroughs in research and development,” says Unilver. Lastly, through Microsoft’s partnership with the controversial GPT maker, it will use “Azure OpenAI Service across Unilever’s business to drive increased automation, enabling better customer and employee experiences.”