June 3, 2023
‘Justice’ in Today’s Police-State America

by Eric Zuesse, The Duran:

A good example of ‘justice’ in today’s police-state America is the Texas case that became big nationwide on Friday April 7th when the Austin Chronicle headlined “Might Have to Kill a Few People”, and sub-headed “And other texts that suggest Daniel Perry intended to commit murder at a Black Lives Matter demonstration,” and then the reporter Brant Bingamon opened:

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The murder trial of Army Sgt. Daniel Per­ry for the killing of Black Lives Matter protester Garrett Foster is halfway over. The trial – District Attorney José Garza’s most important prosecution to date – began on March 27 and has so far provided little new information about the killing. But prosecutors have developed a fuller picture of Perry’s intention and possible premeditation by showing the depth of the hatred he harbored for BLM demonstrators protesting police violence in the summer of 2020.

Two months into those protests, on Sat­ur­day, July 25, 2020, Perry, a sergeant stationed at Fort Hood and working as a rideshare driver in Austin, accelerated his car into a crowd of protesters at the corner of Fourth Street and Congress Avenue. Garrett Foster, a 28-year-old Air Force veteran openly carrying an AK-47 across his chest, approached the car. The driver’s side window opened and Perry shot Foster four times in the chest and abdomen. Perry turned himself in to Austin police seconds later, claiming he’d shot in self-defense after Foster raised the barrel of his gun. Austin Police Department officers questioned Perry and let him go.

Bingamon continued:

The testimony confirming Perry’s anger toward protesters came on the third day of the trial as prosecutors displayed text messages and social media comments showing that he thought about killing them. “I might have to kill a few people on my way to work, they are rioting outside my apartment complex,” Perry wrote to a friend in June of 2020. “I might go to Dallas to shoot looters,” he wrote on another occasion. Perry also encouraged violence in a variety of social media posts.

In addition, Perry speculated about how he might get away with such a killing – by claiming self-defense, as he is now doing. Prosecutors presented a Facebook Messen­ger chat between Perry and a friend, Michael Holcomb, which occurred two weeks before he shot Foster. In it, Perry argued that shooting protesters was legal if it was in self-defense. Holcomb, who was called to the stand Wednesday afternoon, seemed to try to talk Perry down. “Aren’t you a CDL [Commercial Drivers License allowing concealed carry] holder too?” he asked, referring to the men’s licenses to carry concealed handguns. “We went through the same training … Shooting after creating an event where you have to shoot, is not a good shoot.”

Later on April 7th, the newspaper bannered “Jury Finds Daniel Perry Guilty of Murdering Black Lives Matter Protester: Texts expressing his murder fantasies were critical to prosecution”, and opened by saying, “The jury in the Daniel Perry murder trial returned its verdict Friday afternoon, April 7, declaring the active-duty Army sergeant guilty of the murder of Black Lives Matter protester Garrett Foster. He will be sentenced on Tuesday.”

On the Republican billionaire Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News Channel, his employee Tucker Carlson headlined “ARMY SGT CONVICTED FOR ACT OF SELF-DEFENSE”.

The Democratic billionaires’ Yahoo News site headlined on April 8th “[Republlican] Gov. Greg Abbott announces he will push to pardon Daniel Perry who was convicted of murder” and reported that:

Less than 24 hours after a jury in Austin found Daniel Perry guilty of shooting to death a protester, Gov. Greg Abbott announced on social media Saturday that he would pardon the convicted killer as soon as a request “hits my desk.”

The unprecedented effort, which Abbott announced to his 1 million followers on Twitter, came as Abbott faced growing calls from national conservative figures such as Fox News host Tucker Carlson and Kyle Rittenhouse, who was acquitted in the shooting deaths of two Wisconsin protesters in 2020, to act to urgently undo the conviction.

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