Transsexual Maniac Butchers Taxi Driver

from Moonbattery:


The wave of transsexual violence continues:

A 30-year-old male transsexual has been charged with fatally stabbing a taxi driver in Portland on Easter Sunday.

The driver was butchered just a few minutes into a fare.

It was “vicious, senseless and brutal,” said [Radio Cab spokesman Darin] Campbell. “There was no conversation. No altercation. Nothing.”


Moses Lopez has been arrested for the murder. As with most violence under moonbat rule, he should have been behind bars but had been allowed to run amok.

Just days before the murder, on April 3, Lopez had been arrested and charged with menacing two people with a dangerous weapon in Coos County, but was subsequently cut loose without having to post bail.

Lopez is an LGBTQ+ activist. He claims to be a woman.

The suspect’s Facebook page has pictures of him posing in blue nail polish with LGBT symbols, with one rainbow-crowded image captioned, “Love wins pride.”

It’s too dark to be the Babylon Bee; it must be real news.

Lopez appears to have begun masquerading as a woman around 2018, having previously identified as a gay man.

Homosexuality is the gateway drug to transsexualism, which in turn leads to still more disturbing depths of depravity. A society that incentivizes insanity reaps as it sows.

Criminal maniacs like Lopez have a suitable home in ultraliberal Portland:

Portland has a score of 1 (the lowest possible, with 100 being safest) on Neighborhood Scout’s crime index.

Although Lopez fortunately fell short of mass murder, let’s be inclusive and put him on the list of transmaniacs, along with William WhitworthMaya McKinneySnochia MoseleyAnderson Lee Aldrich, and of course Audrey Hale.

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