Watch: Protesters Rush Stage During Ron DeSantis Speech in New Hampshire

Protesters charged the stage where Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) was speaking in New Hampshire, chanting “Jews against DeSantis!”

During the New Hampshire GOP’s largest fundraising dinner of the year, DeSantis gave a speech touting his electoral and legislative victories in Florida as governor.

“I got elected governor in 2018 by 32,000 votes out of more than eight million votes cast — less than one-half of one percent was my margin of victory,” DeSantis said. “To be honest, that was not out of character for Florida.”

Then, as DeSantis detailed prior election cycles in Florida, two female protesters rushed the stage holding a sign in Hebrew and chanting “Jews against DeSantis!”

“The previous decade, if you looked at governor races, presidential races, 2010, 2012, ’14, ’16, ’18,” DeSantis said as he looked over at the protesters, who were nabbed by security. “Yeah, thank you.”

“You got to have a little spice in the speech. You got to have a little fun,” DeSantis joked as the protesters were taken off the stage by security. “Why you’d want to pay the ticket just to get in to do that I don’t know, but different strokes for different folks.”

DeSantis has yet to announce a 2024 Republican presidential bid, though he is highly expected to join the field, which currently includes former President Donald Trump and former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley.

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