Latest Big Tech Attacks Against Independent Media Comes As News That Counters The MSM False ‘Official Narrative’ Becomes More Critical To Our Very Survival And Freedom

by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:


It seems as if every time we turn around another crisis or potential crisis is hitting us, and while the MSM is busy pushing a liberal agenda, it is Independent Media that continues to buck the “authoritative consensus” on climate change, covid vaccines, Russia/Ukraine, LGBT agenda, indoctrination of children in public schools, grooming…. well, we question pretty much everything.

The powers that be and big tech, continue to do everything they can to stop us from questioning the official narrative.

Let me provide the latest example of attacks against ANP.


On March 23, 2023, I wrote a piece which began with “comply or die,” and in that piece I described how another Independent News website was shuttered, while showing Google’s notice to us about ads being disabled because we contradicted “authoritative scientific consensus,” on a number of topics.

Starting on March 23 with one on March 24,  after publishing that piece explaining how big tech, specifically Google Adsense, was literally trying to bankrupt Independent Media websites, we received notices from Blogger, owned by Google, which we use as a backup website in case ANP goes down or gets attacked again.

The notices explained why posts, one from December 2007, when I was still writing on my political blog Wake Up America, warning that something I wrote about reactions to a Democrat debate, they put behind a “warning for readers because it contains sensitive content.”


As you may know, our Community Guidelines
( describe the boundaries for what we
allow– and don’t allow– on Blogger. Your post titled “Reactions to the
The Democratic Debate” was flagged to us for review. This post was put
behind a warning for readers because it contains sensitive content; the
post is visible at
Your blog readers must acknowledge the warning before being able to read
the post/blog.

Why was your blog post put behind a warning for readers?
Your content has been evaluated according to our Adult Content policy.
Please visit our Community Guidelines page linked in this email to learn

Other notices informed us that they “unpublished” articles for somehow violating their terms of service. All older articles, all on the back up website, but the timing makes it undeniable that they were again targeting us deliberately for daring to expose them for what they are.

Think about it, who would flag a post that received zero hits in traffic because it is nearly 16 years old? Another question is, what are the odds that multiple stories from a decade ago were “flagged” by blogger, owned by Google, on the very same day that I published a story exposing Google Adsense?

They aren’t even trying to be subtle anymore.  The message is clear: “Toe the line or we will bankrupt you.”

They are doing a damn good job of it too.

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