May 30, 2023
Mentally Ill Man ‘Eaten Alive by Bed Bugs’ While Locked in a Putrid Cage for Months Over a Misdemeanor

by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

In a horrifying case of negligence and cruelty, a mentally ill man in Georgia was found dead in his jail cell after being “eaten alive by insects and bed bugs,” according to the family’s attorney, Michael D. Harper. LaShawn Thompson, who suffered from mental health issues, was incarcerated at the Fulton County Jail for three months before his life came to this tragic end.


LaShawn Thompson’s arrest on a misdemeanor battery charge in Atlanta in June 2022 should have been a routine matter, but instead, it turned into a nightmare. Upon determining that he had mental health issues, officials placed Thompson in the psychiatric wing of the jail. For the next several weeks, they failed to address the inhumane and unsanitary conditions in which he was forced to live.


The family’s attorney, Harper, stated, “What Mr. Thompson was housed in was not fit for a diseased animal. He did not deserve this.” Despite the horrifying conditions, detention officers and medical staff were aware of Thompson’s deteriorating health but did nothing to help him or administer aid. According to the family, “They literally watched his health decline until he died.”

Even more appalling, a detention officer reportedly refused to administer CPR to Thompson, claiming she “freaked out” upon finding his bug-ridden body. “Someone has to be held accountable for his death. The Fulton County Jail must be closed and replaced,” demanded Harper.

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