New York will launch the nation’s first major offshore wind farms later this year off of Long Island. CBS News reports:

Long Island winds, strong and consistent, will power New York’s first offshore wind farm, and its first power cable has made landfall. Snaking 60 miles, by year’s end it will connect 12 wind turbines being built 35 miles east of Montauk, ushering in clean energy to 70,000 homes. It’s the biggest dive into offshore wind in the nation — a first of many. It’s named South Fork. It will be the first of five wind farms in the works, with four to five more to come. […] New York’s first five wind farms will power 2.5 million homes within five years. Its goal is to produce all electricity with zero emissions by 2040.

“Right now, Long Island is powered about 80% by fossil fuels. And when we go to 2040 it will be 0% for New York. Off shore wind will probably provide 25% of the state’s electricity within the next 10 to 15 years. So it’s a massive, renewable clean source of energy at affordable prices. And it’s located right near where all the electricity demand is,” CEO of LIPA Tom Falcone said. “We need to transition downstate from fossil fuels to renewables. And that’s a great challenge for New York, because we can’t really build anything on the land because there isn’t land. So we have to share the ocean,” said Adrienne Esposito from Citizens Campaign for the Environment.