Female Athlete Injured by Fake Female Competitor Calls for an End to the Madness

by Robert Spencer, PJ Media:


The funny thing about waging war against reality is that reality always wins. There is simply no way around it. Leftists will never prevail in their quest to claim that men can become women and women men. Even if technology advances to the point where every single cell of an individual can be transformed, that person will still have a male or female mindset that will manifest itself in all manner of unexpected ways. And the real-life downside of the transgender madness has still only partially emerged. Another aspect of it became clear in North Carolina recently, when a female high-school athlete was seriously injured in competition against a male she should never have been forced to face.

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They weren’t wrestling, either. This was volleyball, which is not generally known as a rough sport where players are likely to get injured. The New York Post reported Friday that Payton McNabb, who is a senior at Hiwassee Dam High School in Murphy, N.C., “suffered a concussion and neck injury during a game in September when the trans athlete sent the ball into her face.” Now McNabb “has urged the state legislature to pass a bill banning transgender athletes born male from playing on female sports teams.”

That is a perfectly reasonable request, and it’s worth bearing in mind when Leftist politicians and transgender advocates start claiming that fiendish Republicans are trying to deny the rights of athletes who are in the grip of transgender delusions, and that there is no proof that allowing men who think they’re women compete with real women actually causes any harm to real women. Payton McNabb is a real woman, and she suffered the harm that transgender advocates deny.

North Carolina’s WLOS reported Thursday that McNabb said, “Due to the North Carolina High School Athletic Association policy allowing biological males to compete against biological females, my life has forever been changed.” WLOS added, “McNabb indicated that, to this day, she is still recovering from her injuries, and continues to face other health struggles as a result of what happened, such as impaired vision, partial paralysis on the right side of her body, constant headaches, anxiety and depression.”

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