WATCH: Tucker Carlson's Final Segment on Fox News

Tucker Carlson enjoyed a slice of pizza during his final segment on Fox News with a heroic delivery man who helped subdue a car-jacking suspect in Pennsylvania last weekend.

On Monday, Fox News announced that Carlson and Fox had “agreed to part ways” after nearly seven years of Tucker Carlson Tonight dominating cable airwaves and the anchor’s previous roles as a contributor and Fox & Friends Saturday host.

With Carlson’s impressive run coming to an end, Friday marked his final show and segment on the network. Tyler Morrell, a pizza deliveryman who works at Cocco’s in Aston, Pennsylvania, joined him in the studio for his last segment.

On April 16, Morrell was making a delivery in the Brookhaven area in Aston when an alleged carjacker exited a vehicle during a police pursuit and began to flee on foot, Breitbart News reported. Video shows that as the suspect attempted to sprint past Morrell, he stuck his foot out with pizza boxes in hand, tripping the alleged carjacker, which enabled police to corral the man.

Morrell, who joined Tucker Carlson Tonight remotely earlier in the week, arrived at the studio with boxes of Cocco’s pizza. One of the pies was a special order for Carlson: sausage and pineapple.

“This is sausage and pineapple, and really quick as a pizza professional, do you look down on this order?” Carlson asked Morrell.

“I do. I consider it criminal,” Morrell responded, drawing a boisterous laugh from Carlson, who noted he was a pizza delivery man himself years ago.

“How’s your leg, by the way?” Carlson asked, pointing out that Morrell’s “leg was injured by the fleeing car thief.”

Morrell, enjoying a slice of pepperoni pizza, showed off his bone bruise as the anchor remarked, “Oh damn, I can see it.”

Soon thereafter, Carlson wrapped up his show for the final time.

“What a great way to end the week. Truly that was a great segment, and I’m grateful you came on,” Carlson told Morrell. “I’m especially thankful for the pie. Employee of the week — we’ll just make it of the year — Tyler Morrell of Cocco’s Pizza.”

“We’ll be back on Monday,” Carlson said. “In the meantime, have the best weekend with the ones that you love, and we’ll see you then.”

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