by Paul Joseph Watson, Summit News:

It’s a 2021 Netflix show

In a speech made while hosting South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol, Kamala Harris, the Vice President of the United States, cited the Netflix show Squid Game as an example of cultural ties between the countries.

Yes, really.


Unable to contain laughter as usual, Harris stated “South Korea and the United States, as the Secretary [Blinken] has mentioned, also shared strong cultural and people to people ties. K-pop fans, they topped the billboards in the United States, including BTS, who I had the great pleasure of meeting and inviting to my office in the West Wing and to the great pleasure of my niece, I must tell you.”

She added, “I also think of the Emmy Award-winning TV shows like ‘Squid Games,’ which I will confess, Doug and I binged watched at home over a series of weeks, and I think of the actress Yuh-jung Youn who I met in Seoul last year when I convened groundbreaking South Korean women. She is the first Korean to win an Academy Award for acting. These are examples of the cultural ties and the intertwined history between our nations.”

She couldn’t think of anything cultural or historical associated with South Korea other than K-pop and Squid Game.

Lazy and embarrassing.

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