The U.S. Is Tracking Another “Spy Balloon”

The United States military is tracking yet another “spy balloon.” Officials said the military has determined that it poses no threat to aerial traffic or national security, but it’s unclear what it is or whom it belongs to.

Another mysterious balloon flew over American soil, but it’s not clear what it is or whom it belongs to, according to three U.S. officials.  According to a report by NBC News, the officials said the object flew across portions of Hawaii but did not go over any sensitive area

The U.S. military has been tracking it since late last week and has determined that it poses no threat to aerial traffic or national security and is not communicating signals, one official said. –NBC News

A whole spy balloon debacle unfolded a few months ago in February, as the ruling class riled up the slaves over other ruling classes potentially “spying” on them.

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The object, which does not appear to have maneuverability, is moving slowly toward Mexico, the officials said. Ruling class officials do not believe the balloon belongs to the Chinese, but they are still working to identify the owner.

A spokesman for Indo-Pacific Command said, “U.S. Indo-Pacific Command responded to an unidentified radar signature Friday in the vicinity of the island of Hawaii. Pacific Air Forces launched three F-22s to assess the situation and visually identified a spherical object. We monitored the transit of the object and assessed that it posed no threat.”

In a statement Monday afternoon, a Pentagon spokesperson said the balloon was floating at 36,000 feet with “no indication that it was maneuvering or being controlled by a foreign or adversarial actor. The balloon did not transit directly over defense critical infrastructure or other U.S. Government sensitive sites, nor did it pose a military or physical threat to people on the ground.”

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