Peak ‘Journalism’ 2023: We Are The ‘Good Guys’ That ‘Set The Agenda’ For Americans – The Biden Propaganda Networks Go All In To Protect Dementia Joe While Censoring Dem Challenger

by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

One would think a piece about the media, the day after the much talked about (by the media) White House Correspondents’ Dinner aka ‘Nerd Prom,’ would include my own take on the event, maybe a couple of videos, and maybe even a little rant about the event happening when so many Americans can barely pay their bills and eat.


I’ll let the words of others suffice because I want to discuss the attempts by the MSM to rewrite their own history.


So, first, Twitchy on the media event, to which the media then took to their computers to write about how wonderful said event was.

Awww yes, The White House Correspondents’ Dinner aka ‘Nerd Prom’ was last night so that means we got to watch a bunch of journalists pat themselves on the backs for carrying more water for Biden than any president since Obama. Is there anything more annoying than a bunch of propagandists hanging out with the government they propagandize for?


Spot on.

Also, to finish the summation of the event coming from someone that is not part of the liberal media complex, a tweet from a Twitchy favorite, Stephen Miller. Excuse the language but it is justified.

Enough about that.

Yesterday, before the circle-jerk with the MSM, I read a piece over at Politico, which perfectly encapsulates how the media think of themselves, despite the fact that since their highpoint in the 1970’s their credibility, and Americans’ trust in them, has steadily declined.

The piece is titled “How the Trump Years Weakened the Media,” and it is quite the spectacle as well as an inside look into the bubble that today’s so-called “journalists” live in.

Before delving into the pathetic attempt to rewrite their own history I have ever seen, let’s debunk the headline itself.

During a time of systematic, ‘big tech’ censorship and widespread institutional corruption, truth-seeking media and alternative views are crucial, and EVERY little bit helps more than you could know!)

Trump did nothing to the media, they did it all by themselves. The further left they moved, the more they became the propaganda arm of the Democrat party, the lower the confidence levels they received from the American public.

Their attempts to blame Trump for their own failures is just another example of their heads being buried in the sand, to put it far more diplomatically that what I was thinking.

The only thing Trump did was to refuse to kiss up to the media and to call them out every chance he got for their lies, misinformation, and “fake news.”

Back to the Politico piece, second paragraph:

At the Post, certainly, but across the profession, journalism was defined above all by a particular trait: confidence. This self-assurance had two dimensions. Among journalists at leading publications there was no reason to doubt that our work was consequential, that it landed with agenda-setting impact. There was also full faith that our work was a form of public service — that a career in journalism meant you were on the side of the good guys.

“Agenda-setting impact.”

That says so much about the liberal MSM of today, and even back then, as their polling numbers took a downward plunge, because they came to believe they were setting the agenda, rather than objectively reporting about politicians that were pushing an agenda.

They became one and the same, when a Democrat was in office, and they went on the offensive as soon as a member of their party was elected as President.

The next paragraph also reveals so much about how MSM “journalists” of today think.

Self-confidence sometimes surely curdled into arrogance. But those increasingly distant days remain a useful frame of reference for thinking about the state of the Washington news media now, in a political age still shadowed by Donald Trump — another president, like Nixon, who found himself in remorseless combat with independent journalists.

Independent Journalists……..really?

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