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Feature Article by Paul Rosenberg
"I'm sorry to bother you again, Mr. Rosenberg…" It was Dorie. I was hoping that she hadn't had a problem with her program. "Things are going well enough, I hope?" "Oh, yes," she said. "Everything's coming together well… but I have another issue. Can you please meet me again?" I paused for a moment. "Listen, I know you're busy, and I'll try never to do this again, but it would help a lot of people – at least potentially – if you could give me just half an hour of your time." I agreed and set it up at lunch time, two days later. To my surprise, Dorie walked into Jay's with a ten year old boy, who she introduced to me as her son. I went through the pleasantries and said, "Dorie, you must have had him as a child." She smiled. "I started having children at 19… and I have three." I was impressed. And as it turned out, she was includi
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