Megyn Kelly Unveils Devastating New Nickname for Fox News Amid Network’s Downfall Due to Ousting Tucker Carlson

by Cullen Linebarger, The Gateway Pundit:

With both Bud Light and Fox News cratering in epic fashion right before our eyes, it is a fair question which one is in worse shape.

Thanks to Megyn Kelly and her fans, however, conservatives do not have to choose. They can make both failures one and the same with a new nickname.

The nickname? Foxweiser.


Talk about killing two birds with one stone. Imagine how much the remaining fans of Fox News and Bud Light will hate the nickname once it catches fire.

Kelly’s tweet should not surprise anyone at this point. As previously reported, Kelly has been a stalwart defender of Tucker Carlson after Fox News sidelined him.

The Gateway Pundit reported the crisis has become so severe that Costco is practically giving Bud Light away.

Fox News has also suffered a catastrophic hit since silencing Tucker. As Jim Hoft reported, their ratings have completely collapsed.

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