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Feature Article by Paul Rosenberg
Don't worry, it was a low-grade thing, not at all like the debilitating depression many people suffer through. So low-grade, in fact, that I didn't think of it as more than a bad mood. I wouldn't normally discuss such a thing beyond family and friends, but this time it seems a good idea, and if you've been reading my writings for any length of time, I'll take you as a friend. And so I'll get a bit autobiographical today. The main thing that depressed me over the past few years was the Covid mania. It was made significantly worse by a wild concentration of painful things happened to me in the same short period, but the Covid mania was the flood that elevated them all. At one point during this process, I realized I was starting to understand Tertullian, a man whose life and thoughts were were surrounded by persecution, and who had previously seemed a rather distant figure to me. The whole affair, as I felt it, was transportation back to a more barbaric
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