On Saturday PyPI, the official third-party registry of open source Python packages, “temporarily suspended new users from signing up, and new projects from being uploaded to the platform” reports BleepingComputer.

“The volume of malicious users and malicious projects being created on the index in the past week has outpaced our ability to respond to it in a timely fashion, especially with multiple PyPI administrators on leave,” stated an incident notice posted by PyPI admins Saturday.

Hours ago they posted a four-word update: “Suspension has been lifted.” No details were provided, but The Hacker News writes the incident “comes as software registries such as PyPI have proven time and time again to be a popular target for attackers looking to poison the software supply chain and compromise developer environments.”

Earlier this week, Israeli cybersecurity startup Phylum uncovered an active malware campaign that leverages OpenAI ChatGPT-themed lures to bait developers into downloading a malicious Python module capable of stealing clipboard content in order to hijack cryptocurrency transactions. ReversingLabs, in a similar discovery, identified multiple npm packages named nodejs-encrypt-agent and nodejs-cookie-proxy-agent in the npm repository that drops a trojan called TurkoRat.


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