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Feature Article by Paul Rosenberg
One of my entertainments, from time to time, has been the Kennedy assassination… John Kennedy's, that is. I'm not particularly a fan of mysteries, but once in a while one of them intrigues me, and this is a good one. What I'm going to show you today are two images from a CBS News Special Report from 1967, filmed and broadcast because so many people had failed to believe the Warren Report. I'm quite sure they didn't realize they were making their esteemed report ridiculous, but they did it just the same. So, let's take a look. The View They Showed You Nearly all of us are familiar with the shots Oswald was supposed to have fired at Kennedy as he drove away from the School Book depository on Elm Street in Dallas. It was a difficult angle, through or around trees, and requiring an especially difficult shooting posture. It also involved a cheap and flimsy rifle. Here's an image from the CBS report, showing a marksman attempting to hit a
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