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LIVE STREAMS ON FREEDOM'S PHOENIX and DLIVE Front page of Freedom's Phoenix (player only active when we are live, and it's located under Roberts & Roberts Banner ad) or HERE on Freedom's Phoenix TV SHOWS: 2023-05-26 — Ernest Hancock interviews Brian Becker Community Center – LIVE STREAM Friday May 26 @ 11 am EDT (MP3&4) Program Date: 05-26-2023 Brian Becker (New Hampshire Community Center) comes on the show to discuss decentralized, private, peer-to-peer communication; PeerTube. 2023-05-25 — Ernest Hancock interviews Dr Phranq Tamburri (Trump Report); Theo Chino (Bitcoiner – Socialist for AOC for POTUS) – (MP3&4) Program Date: 05-24-2023 Dr Phranq Tamburri (Trump/Tyranny/solutions Report) on Trump, elections, world news; Theo Chino (Bitcoiner, activist and maintainer of the Abolish the Bitlicense in New York ( 2023-05-18 — Ernest Hanc
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