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    Ukraine Is Preparing For A “Nuclear Explosion” | SHTF Plan


    Jul 6, 2023
    Ukraine Is Preparing For A "Nuclear Explosion" | SHTF Plan

    Ukraine is allegedly “preparing for a nuclear explosion” at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant saying that “the world is watching.” This heightened already tight tensions in the war as Russia’s first overnight drone attack on Kyiv in 12 days just took place.

    Ukraine’s ruling class is worried about a potential nuclear blast at the plant that prompted training to prepare residents for what might occur, according to Kira Rudik, a member of the Ukrainian Parliament. “I still cannot process that in the 21st century, this is what is happening. We are preparing for a nuclear explosion and the whole world is watching and there is nothing that can be done,” Rudik told Sky News.

    Rudik said it is “unprecedented” that Russia has not allowed United Nations officials into the power plant to carry out checks. She noted that Ukrainian officials called several times to make the plant a neutral zone, but “Russia never agreed to that.”

    Fears over an explosion come as Russian troops have been ordered to leave the power plant, which has been under Russian control since March 2022, by July 5, according to the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine and as reported by The New York Post. “The latest data indicates that the occupying forces are gradually leaving the territory of the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant. Three employees of Rosatom, who led the Russians’ actions, were among the first to leave the facility,” DIU said on Telegram.

    Rosatom is a Russian ruling class-owned corporation specializing in nuclear energy.

    “Ukrainian employees who have signed a contract with Rosatom have also been advised to evacuate. Under the instructions received, they should leave by 5 July,” DIU said. Russian troops ordered to remain in the area have allegedly been instructed to “blame Ukraine in the event of any emergency,” Ukrayinska Pravda reported.

    Russia Says A Ukrainian Attack On Zaporizhzhia Facility With a ‘Dirty’ Nuclear Device Is Imminent

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