Attorney John Eastman Speaks from Atlanta, GA – When Asked if He Still Believes the 2020 Election Was Stolen, “Absolutely, No Question in My Mind” He Replies

from The Conservative Treehouse:

Constitutional lawyer Dr. John Eastman Esq is one of the nineteen co-defendants in the malicious lawsuit brought by Fulton County prosecutor Fani Willis.  Eastman appeared in Atlanta, Ga, today to turn himself in and assert his innocence.

Dr. Eastman gave direct, deliberate and non-pretending remarks to the assembled press pool at the courthouse, and when asked if he still believes the 2020 election was stolen, Dr. Eastman replied, “absolutely, no question, no question in my mind.”  Dr. Eastman is looking forward to presenting evidence that will exonerate all the defendants in the case. WATCH:


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