Intel says its upcoming “Sierra Forest” data center chip due out next year will have 240% better performance per watt than its current generation chip. It’s the first time the company has disclosed such figures, notes Reuters. From the report:

The company is for the first time splitting its data center chips into two categories: A “Granite Rapids” chip that will focus on performance but consume more power, and the more efficient “Sierra Forest” chip. Ronak Singhal, a senior fellow at Intel, said the company’s customers can consolidate older software onto a smaller number of computers inside a data center.

“I may have things that are four or five, six years old. I can get power savings by moving something that’s currently on five, 10 or 15 different servers into a single” new chip, Singhal said. “That density drives their total cost of ownership. The higher the density, the fewer systems they need.”

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