Wokeism and the Two-Tiered Justice System

by Tom Renz, Esq., America Outloud:


What does woke mean?

It’s a plague on humanity and is absolutely horrific.

The climate monsters, CRT, the DEI, and all this nonsense.

How did we get from a point where people were trying to fight against racism and all these things that really do need to be fought to the people who are woke being racist? CRT is racist. It teaches you that you have to look at someone’s color first and judge them based on their race. It’s absolutely bigoted.

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I found this article in Psychology Today, “The Psychology of Wokeism.” It’s interesting. The author says he supports woke but doesn’t like wokeism.

This got me thinking a bit more about the idea of woke and how it’s not understood properly by those who are fighting it.

For us to fight it, we have to understand it. We can’t fight something we don’t understand.

Woke as a concept came from the idea of being aware of unfairness in society. There is unfairness, and there always has been. We’ve been told since childhood that life isn’t fair. Recognizing this and being aware of unfairness is not a bad thing. If that’s what being woke is, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Much like everything else that the left does, you start out with truth and decency, and they destroy it.

The idea of understanding and having empathy for issues that we face in society makes sense.

That’s a moral thing. It’s a Christian thing. To treat others like we want to be treated. We should have empathy and love. Wokeism starts with inherently good ideas. It resonates with so many young people because of the idea of fairness. Kids want fairness and equity, and these are all good things. If that’s what Woke stood for, that would be great.

Young people tend to be more idealistic, and that’s why wokeism peaks in the early 20s, and then when you get older, you realize how stupid it is.

Wokism peaks when you are willing actually to sacrifice for the greater good. Many of these young people are willing to sacrifice for what they believe is the greater good, but they’ve been misled. They don’t realize that the greater good is an equal opportunity and that someone can rise from the bottom to the middle, to the top, and everyone is treated equally. NOT based on their race.

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