Take Out the Mother Ship

by Robert Gore, Straight Line Logic:


There has to be a return to first principles.

Imagine you are the leader of an extraterrestrial force sent to conquer planet earth. Your force orbits the earth in a gigantic starship. You do not know what defenses earth has, but back on your planet a strategy was devised to maximize your chances of conquest. Although your starship has powerful weapons, it will not attack the earth directly. That would give its position away, and if it goes down the mission is over. However, your ship will serve as a mother ship for thousands of smaller daughter ships. The daughter ships have surveillance and attack capabilities, but they are coordinated from the mother ship and are of little use if it’s destroyed. Remarkably, the daughter ships propagate, sending out their own daughter ships, who in turn can send out their own daughter ships, ceaselessly multiplying the earth’s attackers.

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Earth’s defenders may recognize that the extraterrestrials are employing a swarm strategy—on steroids—similar to drone swarms that are transforming earth warfare. What’s not recognized is that an intellectual swarm strategy has been used for over a century with the same goal as the extraterrestrials: to conquer the earth. Earth’s intellectual defenders have been as effective as a man armed with a flyswatter would be in a house infested with flies.

There is an intellectual mother ship that defenders of the earth can attack, although few do so. That mother ship is the premise that collectives have rights that eliminate the rights of individuals and as the embodiment of the collective, a government may take by force and fraud the income and wealth of those who produce them. From that mother ship has issued countless daughter ships that quickly exhaust anyone who takes up the fight against them. Those efforts are doomed; the only effective strategy is to take out the intellectual mother ship.


How does that work? Pick an issue, say the indoctrination of children in public schools with the tenets of woke, critical race theory, and gender ideology. Countless battles are being fought, and occasionally opponents of such indoctrination win. After a Herculean effort by concerned parents a school board reverses itself or some legislative body passes a law. The parents have taken out a daughter ship, swatted a fly. Rest assured, this daughter ship will launch more daughter ships—new doctrines that are even more absurd and pernicious than the present ones. It never stops.

The alternative is to attack the mother ship, but when was the last time you heard or read an argument that there should be no public schools? Even if you did, that argument is usually framed in daughter ship terms: public schools either indoctrinate or poorly educate children. Nobody argues against public education because its funding steals the incomes and wealth of those who have earned them.

Several decades ago there was one holdout newspaper in Orange County, California—when it was still a bastion of libertarian-tinged conservatism—that called public schools what they are: “taxpayer-supported” schools. Nowadays, as taxpayers involuntarily support everything that’s not supported by the government’s creditors, there is no taxpayer-supported anything, everything is “public.” That linguistic sleight of hand obscures the essential nature of the funding mechanism: theft.

Can you imagine a political candidate saying that the Sixteenth Amendment—the income tax amendment—should be repealed because it sanctions theft? Today, no sound political statement or argument is countered in like vein; it’s met with pejoratives. Our candidate would be labelled “extreme,” “right-wing,” “hateful,” “racist,” etc. Those smears serve to keep everyone within the Overton window of acceptable discourse, that mushy middle of political thought that’s no more than slogans, feel-good bromides, historical ignorance, and crowd conformity, begging to be led down primrose paths. Any consideration of first premises is unacceptable.

And how’s that mushy middle working out for us? We have a bankrupt government, a failing empire, another losing war, urban hellholes, debased dollars, medical totalitarianism, all-encompassing surveillance, declining real incomes, increasing poverty and homelessness, decrepit infrastructure, rampant drug addiction, moral rot, censorship, geriatric leadership, and an addled, senile, perverted, corrupt president who owes his office to a stolen election.

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