by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star:

I literally fell off my chair when many of you sent me this short story and video that purports to be from the UNICEF franchise in Chile.  The is about … well… it’s about a young boy-extra-terrestrial with large eyes and elongated ears and a just ever-so-slightly green and speckled complexion named Marciano, who apparently eats (those deeply familiar with occult lore take notice) blue apples and who can levitate his classmates. The message of the short “commercial” is clear: accept the integration of ET into human society:


UNICEF Video urging children to accept Extraterrestrials

Needless to say, I have all sorts of thoughts about this, and I’m willing to wager that my thoughts are probably very similar, for the most part, to those all of you are having. If ET should ever show up on our world in a clear and unmistakable way and want to “emigrate” here, at the philosophical level, I’m good with it. After all, as I’ve said my times both here and elsewhere, I’m neither philosophically nor theologically inclined to dismiss the idea of extraterrestrials, and if read a certain way, most ancient texts, including the biblical text, seems to suggest other intelligent life forms are out there that are not native to this earth, and some of them may look very much like us.

But before I extend my pasty pink hand of friendship, I have …

…a few…


How do we know they’re genuinely extra-terrestrial? Has DNA testing been done? Does that testing indicate any possibility of an intermixture at any point in its history with homo sapiens sapiens?  Or does it otherwise suggest genetic engineering and thus, in short, is it genuinely extra-terrestrial, or  just the result of some covert transhumanist experiment somewhere?

And why does this commercial have clear occult symbolisms within it? Blue apples?  A school play depicting what might be considered witchcraft? And while we’re on the subject, does “ET” have a religion? no religion? If so, what is it? If not, what does it think of Earth’s religions? (I can’t help but notice the resemblance of the “ET boy’s” name, “Marciano” to that of the second century Christian Gnostic Marcion…but I digress.)

Why are they here? Why do they want to settle here? Did something happen on their home world that requires they come here? Or are they, perhaps, being pursued here? And while we’re on that subject, do they have enemies? If so, who, and where, are they? and do their enemies know that “Marciano’s” people are here?

On and on we could go, and I fully expect readers of this blog will be offering their own concerns and questions that are prompted by this article and video. That’s good, because we need to be thinking about them because it is very clear that the “powers that be” are prepping the UFO-Extraterrestrials-among-us narrative.

But I want to end on a precautionary note: in all those old stories about our “genetic cousins” as I have sometimes called them, there is one very clear motif that runs through all of them: they are not necessarily our friends and, in fact, in some cases those stories seem to indicate a deep and profound disgust for and hatred of humanity to the point that they have engaged in “genuscide” against us.

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