A web caching issue resulted in some Wyze security camera owners being able to see webcam feeds that weren’t theirs. The Verge reports:

Earlier on Friday, users on Reddit made posts about the issue. “Went to check on my cameras and they are all gone be replaced with a new one… and this isn’t mine!” wrote one user. “Apologies if this is your house / dog… I don’t want it showing up as much as you don’t want it!” “I am able to click the events tab and see ALL the events on this random person’s camera INSIDE their house,” wrote another. “I don’t know why, but I can see someone else’s camera,” wrote another.

Each thread has comments from other Reddit users reporting similar issues. Shockingly, I even saw some instances of people claiming they saw the same cameras that other people did. The user reports indicated that they were seeing the other feeds through Wyze’s web viewer at view.wyze.com.


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