New Mexico Governor Suspends Second Amendment Rights After Shooting - Anthony Brian Logan

New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham is attempting to suspend the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. She wants to institute a total ban on concealed and open carry for 30 days in certain parts of the state, essentially Albuquerque. This is unconstitutional because there is no avenue for a person to legally carry their legally purchased firearm. It is unclear if and/or how police would enforce such a ruling. A ban on open carry would obviously be easier to enforce due to the weapon being visible. But it is nearly impossible to enforce a ban on concealed carry, beyond random checkpoints and pat-downs in places like Wal-Mart. And, again, it is not clear if the police would even want to enforce such a thing due to the obvious violation of rights.

Governor Grisham is attempting to institute the ban due to the recent shooting of an 11-year-old girl and other shootings in the state. This is apparently her reaction to the rising problem of gun violence in New Mexico. When asked at a press conference if the 30-day ban would negatively impact criminals, she affirmed that it would not. This is a stunning admission to make when the entire purpose of instituting a 30-day ban is to reduce crime. How would there be any reduction in crime if the Governor herself admitted that her rule would not affect criminals?

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Breaking911 on X: “REPORTER: “If someone’s got a concealed carry permit in Albuquerque, walking down a public street, they’re not gonna get arrested.” NM GOV. GRISHAM: “Maybe they should be…”” / X

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