“AFRINIC, the regional internet registry for the African continent and Indian Ocean region, has been placed under receivership following an injunction obtained against it in the Supreme Court of Mauritius,” writes Slashdot reader Kelerei. “This appears to be a result of poor governance at AFRINIC, and in part a consequence of an IP address assignment debacle in 2021.” MyBroadband reports:

Industry players on both sides of a conflict involving the registry have welcomed the Mauritian Supreme Court’s latest ruling, as it potentially creates a path to reconstitute the ailing entity’s board and appoint a CEO. Headquartered in Mauritius, AFRINIC found itself on the wrong side of the country’s corporate governance laws after repeatedly ignoring warnings from its members and community about the danger. It also disregarded judgments on some occasions, with the courts warning AFRINIC that it was in danger of being held in contempt. The blow that finally left Afrinic without a quorate board and ultimately without a CEO was struck by Crystal Web, a defunct Internet Service Provider that used to offer consumer DSL and fiber broadband in South Africa. Although Crystal Web landed the paralyzing hit, it was hardly the primary litigant in the over 55 court cases brought against AFRINIC since June 2020.


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