A Tale Of Two ‘Sex’ Scandals

by Derek Hunter, Townhall:


The double standard in politics drives me nuts; it’s the main reason I literally hate and would not feel one way or another if horrible things happened to the clowns over at MSNBC. If you aren’t willing to treat everyone equally and hold everyone to the same standards, then you are a scumbag, plain and simple. Treating someone differently because of their skin color is the definition of racism: gender, political ideology, etc. It’s bigotry, obviously, but their blatant hypocrisy is what turns it up to 11 for me.

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This week, we learned about two “scandals” involving sex in politics. Well, one actually involves sex, and the other allegedly involves sex. Neither involved a national politician, but both made news in two very different ways.

First, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem was accused of having a years-long affair with an advisor, Corey Lewandowski. Did it happen? I have no idea. But neither does anyone reporting on the story or quoted in it. All the quotes, by the way, are anonymous, so these eunuchs could easily have an ax to grind.

Let me say a couple of things at the start: First, Noem is beautiful, so rumors of this sort are, sadly, common in politics. Second, I couldn’t care less if the story is true. Noem isn’t on a ballot anywhere, at least at this point, and I don’t have a vote for Pope, nor am I married to her. I would vote for literally any Republican over every Democrat. I won’t be moralized by the Bill Clinton or Joe Biden party and their history of handsy sexual assaults and rape. Sorry, I’m not interested.

Having worked in DC for two decades, I can assure you that the political world is filled with horrible people everywhere. The way I describe it is it’s a high school with paychecks. The paychecks, oftentimes, are very large, which only enables the high school part even more. Imagine all the d-bags in your high school making six- and seven-figure salaries – how awful would they have been then?

If you read the stories about Noem from the Daily Mail or the New York Post, no proof whatsoever is missing. Also missing is anyone willing to go on record, just political operatives saying they were together at various political events over time. So has literally everyone anonymously quoted in the story, everyone who “reported” on it or edited it, and 95 percent of DC. Well, Noem hired Lewandowski as a consultant, presumably to raise her profile on the national stage. This isn’t weird. Name another Governor South Dakota ever had. Montana? Wyoming? Damn, near any state you’ve never lived in?

See why someone might hire a person like Corey if you have any ambitions beyond Governor? Corey knows the players on the national stage, and it’s a smart move. It would also explain why they went to events across the country together, wouldn’t it?

Now, if you were another ambitious Politico person that presents an opportunity to spread rumors, doesn’t it? High school with paychecks.

Remember when Mike Pence caught hell for saying he wouldn’t do a closed-door meeting alone with a woman? See why now? If you have two lunch meetings in a month with someone of the opposite sex in DC, there will be people talking about how you must be hooking up. I’m not one to cry any kind of “ism” ever, but for attractive women like Noem, this does smell of sexism.

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