Slashdot reader Leading Edge Boomer wants to help “a retired friend whose personal computing has always been with Windows.”

But recently, they were gifted a laptop that’s running “some version of Linux…”

Probably he’s not even aware that there are different distributions for different purposes. He seems open to learning about this different world. What recommendations might Slashdot readers have to bring him up to speed as a competent Linux user? I really don’t want to hold his hand, and he’s smart enough to learn on his own.

“Mint is the answer,” argues long-time Slashdot reader denisbergeron. “First make him use Mint, because it’s easy and there a lot of documentation and the community is very strong.”

But long-time Slashdot reader spaceman375 thinks they can solve the problem with just three letters. “Show him the man command. When he feels confident, or breaks it pretty hard, then I’d agree — install mint and go from there. But start with man.”

Is that it? Is it as simple as that? Share your own thoughts and opinions in the comments — along with your learning tools for beginners.

What’s the best Linux resource for a retired Windows user?

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