Can AB-957 Take Your Kids in California? The Shocking Truth

by Dean Bowen, America Outloud:


California Democrats in the state legislature have passed AB-957, which makes gender affirmation an essential need right on par with food, clothing, and shelter.

Parents who do not affirm their child’s gender of choice could be found guilty of neglecting the child’s “health, safety, and welfare,” which could lead to the parent losing custody of the child to another parent or even the state.

The Bill’s author is assembly member Lori Wilson, who, from the floor of the legislative chamber, stated that “our duty as parents is to affirm our children.”


No, assembly member Wilson, that is not our duty as parents. That has never been our duty as parents, nor will it ever be our duty as parents.

Our parental duty is to teach our children right from wrong, instruct them in the golden rule, and give them a loving, safe, and healthy environment where they may grow, thrive, and live. Our duty is never to affirm them.

If you affirmed everything your child said and did, you would have raised a spoiled narcissist. Your child will be unable to cope in this life when someone disagrees with him or her. Of course, the Marxists in the democrat party are fine-tuning their agenda, wherein everyone who disagrees with them will be imprisoned. I wish I could say that was a joke.

The word “affirm” means to “declare positively” and “assert to be true.”

So it is now law in California that if a parent has a 12-year-old son who claims to be a girl, and the parent does not assert it to be true that the son is actually a girl, then said parent could be in jeopardy of losing custody of the child. Parents are now being manipulated via fear to lie to their children by affirming them in their world of pretending that the child claims to be another gender.

Our duty as parents is not to lie to our children. Our duty as parents is to help our children through mental and emotional struggles, including gender issues.

If a child is struggling with anorexia, certainly, it would not be made a law requiring a parent to affirm that child’s anorexia. Gender issue struggles the Democrats are purporting upon our children are no different. Children would not be having these struggles if the agenda wasn’t being pushed upon them in the first place.

Parents cannot affirm their child in every single thing, and for democrats to legislate such affirmation in any one area is to take away the unalienable right of parental authority completely.

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