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While claiming that it doesn’t want to go to war with China, the United States Marines are simultaneously preparing for an armed conflict in the Pacific. As the military prepares to go to war, the mainstream media is saying a “nuclear exchange” with China is much closer than most Americans can comprehend.

Gatestone Institute senior fellow and China expert Gordon Chang has issued a dire warning about the possibility of a nuclear exchange with China as tensions remain inflated on the world stage and the U.S. prepares for war.

“We’re much closer to a nuclear exchange than Americans think,” Chang said on Fox Business‘s “Mornings with Maria” Monday. “China is preparing to go to war… China is surveying the United States for nuclear weapons strikes, so we’ve got to realize the gravity of this. The problems inside the Chinese regime right now indicate that Xi Jinping in the rocket force, which controls almost all of China’s nuclear weapons, he’s now installing officers who will obey his orders to push the button when he gives it.”

Chang blasted the Biden administration for asking businesses to remain in China. “The Biden administration has been dog-whistling for companies to stay in China, and that is absolutely the wrong thing,” he told host Maria Bartiromo. “Of course, there’s going to be economic damage to the U.S. as American companies get out of China, but we really don’t have a choice because the alternatives are far, far worse.”

“The Biden administration is reinforcing Xi Jinping’s idea that the United States is a supplicant because in imperial times it was supplicants who sent their officials to the Chinese court. The Chinese court didn’t send their officials to other places. What we have right now is Biden making Beijing even worse than it normally is. This is really bad.”

Chang claims that as a nuclear conflict steadily approaches, the U.S. should distance its businesses from the areas that the war will massively impact, and that is also Taiwan.

It sure feels like the war possibility gets higher every day. Tensions continue to grow and political parasites continue to try to convince their slaves to go off a kill and die for them.

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