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    The latest updates on the Hamas-Israel conflict


    Oct 8, 2023 #Gaza, #Hamas, #Israel

    Here are the latest updates on the Hamas-Israel conflict of October 2023:

    1. **Israeli Flag Displayed Worldwide in Solidarity with Israel**
    – The Israeli flag was projected onto the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin and other major landmarks in various European cities and the USA as a sign of solidarity with Israel.


    2. **World Leaders Declare: “Israel has the Full Right to Defend Itself”**
    – Leaders and organizations worldwide have expressed their support for Israel and strongly condemned the surprise attack by Hamas.

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    3. **Buildings Worldwide Illuminated in Blue and White in Solidarity with Israel**
    – Landmarks in New York, Austria, Italy, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, and the European Union were illuminated in blue and white, the colors of the Israeli flag, as a sign of solidarity.


    4. **Bayern Munich Expresses Concern for Israel**
    – Bayern Munich, the football club where Israeli player Daniel Peretz plays, expressed their concern about the situation in Israel and condemned the violence against civilians.

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    5. **Israeli Athletes React to the Security Situation**
    – Israeli athletes, including Linoy Ashram, Eran Zahavi, and Peter Paltchik, commented on the situation, describing it as a “horror movie.” Scotty Wilbekin also expressed his support, saying, “Praying for Israel.”

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    These are the most recent updates on the situation. The conflict has garnered international attention, with many expressing their support for Israel.