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    Hamas has threatened to execute hostages in response to Israeli air strikes on Gaza


    Oct 10, 2023 #disaster, #Hamas, #Israel, #War

    Hamas has threatened to execute hostages in response to Israeli air strikes on Gaza.

    Here are some key details from the recent news articles:

    1. Israel pounds Gaza after Hamas threatens hostages:
      • Israel has intensified its bombardment of Hamas-controlled Gaza after the Palestinian militant group threatened to execute some of the around 150 hostages it abducted during a weekend assault if the air strikes continue without warning.
      • Israel had already imposed a total siege on the Gaza Strip on Monday, cutting off food, water, and electricity supplies, raising concerns about a rapidly deteriorating humanitarian situation.
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    2. Hamas threatens hostages as Israel tightens Gaza siege:
      • The Palestinian militant group Hamas, which abducted about 150 people during its surprise weekend assault on Israel, threatened to execute the hostages if Israeli air strikes continue to target Gaza residents without warning.
      • This threat was made after Israel imposed a total siege on the Gaza Strip, cutting off essential supplies and raising fears of an increasingly dire humanitarian crisis.
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    3. Hamas threatens to kill Israel hostages over Gaza strikes:
      • Israel has been bombarding the Gaza Strip after Hamas militants launched a surprise attack on southern Israeli towns.
      • Hamas threatened to kill the hostages if the Israeli army carried out air strikes without prior warning targeting residents of the Gaza Strip.
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    This situation is rapidly evolving, and it’s crucial to monitor updates from reliable news sources for the latest developments.