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    The latest news articles related to the Israeli-Hamas conflict as of 09:30 EST


    Oct 11, 2023 #disaster, #Hamas, #Israel, #War

    Here are some of the latest news articles related to the Israeli-Hamas conflict, translated into English:

    While the public mobilizes and donates – frauds also flourish
    Summary :

    • The tragic events and shocking stories flowing since the dark Saturday of October 7th have led many Israelis to open their wallets and donate, whether in equipment or money.
    • But alongside the beautiful initiatives that are growing, such as food and equipment collection and fundraising for affected families from the envelope, there are also scammers taking advantage of the situation.
      Publisher : TheMarker Online
      Publication Date : 2023-10-11 13:30:00
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    In the shadow of war: United experts explain how we can overcome anxiety attacks
    Summary :

    • The recent days that we are going through are full of pain, worry, and fear along with faith and trust in God.
    • The intensity of the information, alongside feelings of uncertainty, helplessness, frustration, and confusion, can create real distress feelings, impair functioning, and decision-making ability for many.
    • It is important to emphasize – it is natural to feel fear and anxiety, the reality is hard and complex and the feelings.
      – Publisher : בחדרי חרדים
      – Publication Date : 2023-10-11 12:37:44
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    “Beloved by all of us”: Editor at Kan 11 was murdered at a party in Ra’im
    Summary :

    • Ayelet Arnin, a woman from the Kan News Division, was murdered during the sudden and terrible attack on Israel last Saturday.
    • The Public Broadcasting Corporation expressed their sorrow and Galatz sent condolences: “Like the dedication that characterized her professional work, Ayelet was devoted to her friends.”
      – Publisher : כיפה
      – Publication Date : 2023-10-11 12:51:53
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    12 injured from falls in Ashkelon
    – Summary : All the injured are in mild condition, half were injured from shrapnel and half are anxiety casualties. MDA team provided medical treatment to the injured.
    – Publisher : וואלה!
    – Publication Date : 2023-10-11 11:48:00
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