• Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

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    CarPlay? Android Auto? Most People Still Just Listen to AM/FM Radio (9to5mac.com)

    “New data suggests that what a lot of people do most often in their car is listen to AM/FM radio,” writes 9to5Mac. “Yes, it’s 2023, and you might think AM/FM radio is on the way out, but new data show that to not be the case for a lot of people…”

    The market research company Edison Research used one-day listening diarires (for Americans older than 13) to measure the amount of time spent listening to audio — then compared results for those with and without an in-car entertainment system.

    Those without an in-car entertainment system spent 67% of their time listening to AM/FM radio — with the rest listening to Sirius XM (12%), a streaming service (9%), or podcasts (4%).

    But among those with an in-car entertainment system… 46% still listened to AM/FM radio. Less than a fifth listened to Sirus XM (19%), a streaming service (18%), or podcasts (7%).

    The researchers’ conclusion? “Even those with these systems choose AM/FM for nearly half of their in-car listening. For many people, even with so many new options, radio and the in-car environment continue to just go together.”

    Originally Posted at https://slashdot.org/