• Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

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    Google Falsely Flags Samsung Apps as ‘Harmful,’ Tells Users To Remove Them (arstechnica.com)

    An anonymous reader shares a report:

    Most Android users have probably never seen Google Play Protect in action. The malware-scanning service is built into every Android device and is supposed to flag malware that users have installed. Recently it flagged some popular apps that are very much not malware: Samsung Wallet and Samsung Messages.

    As spotted by 9to5Google, Samsung users have been getting hit with Play Protect warnings since earlier this month. Users on the Google Support forum have posted screenshots of Play Protect flagging the Samsung system apps, and even Samsung responded to the issue, explaining (in Korean) how to fix any damage caused by the bug. Samsung says (through translation) the issue was caused by “a temporary failure of the Google server” and should now be fixed.

    Originally Posted at https://slashdot.org/