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    The political landscape of local elections


    Oct 29, 2023 #news, #Politics

    **Original Story By BILL Barron at AP**

    • The political landscape of local elections in Georgia, particularly in the Atlanta suburbs, has significantly shifted in the Trump era, reflecting deeper national partisan and cultural divisions.
      • In Johns Creek, a historically Republican-leaning suburb, candidates like city councilwoman Stacy Skinner and her opponent Devon Dabney are navigating these new dynamics.
      • Skinner, endorsed by Veterans for Trump, cautiously promotes her conservative stance without overtly highlighting her Trump association.
    • Dabney, criticized for her past Democratic votes, emphasizes the nonpartisan nature of the election.
      • These local elections, once focused on issues like zoning and public services, are now influenced by broader national political trends and cultural debates.
      • The shift is partly attributed to the decline of local journalism and the rise of national political narratives dominating voter perceptions.
      • This change is evident in the discussions around development and zoning, which have become flashpoints in partisan politics, mirroring national issues like immigration and urban-rural divides.
    • Georgia’s suburbs, crucial in determining statewide races, have grown more diverse and politically varied.
      • This diversity, along with the presence of Republicans not fully aligned with Trump, played a role in Trump’s underperformance in these areas during the 2020 elections.
    • The new political landscape in local elections reflects a broader national trend where local issues are increasingly viewed through the lens of national partisan politics.