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    Woman Flees China Then Promotes Communism In Socialism In The USA – Anthony Brian Logan

    ByAnthony Brian Logan

    Oct 30, 2023

    A Cuban man recorded himself attempting to speak to a Chinese woman who was promoting Communism in the USA. She was standing next to a table with a banner in front of it, similar to the Steven Crowder “Change My Mind” videos. The banner promoted the idea of those interested in communism and socialism to become organized. The Cuban man questioned the Chinese woman about the banner and she was hesitant to own up to the ideology she was standing behind. He asks her where she’s from and she says China. He asks her why she isn’t in China anymore, and of course, she says that China sucks. The man says that China is communist, so if she thinks that China sucks then it doesn’t make sense for her to promote such an ideology. She then goes on to deny that China is communist, which is absurd.


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