• Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

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    Bill Maher Flips Out When Confronted About Double Standard On Trump And Election Integrity – Anthony Brian Logan

    Television host and media personality Bill Maher had an interesting reality when confronted with his double standard on the issue of Donald Trump and election integrity. Maher has shifted his public political opinions to the center… but he is still very much a leftist. His appearances on the Joe Rogan podcast are very palatable to the average person due to his newfound centric stance being more neutral and common sense. However, there are still some issues that Bill Maher will be confronted with that expose that far-leftist that still resides deep inside of him. One of those issues is election integrity relating to Donald Trump. On a recent episode of the Triggernometry podcast, they confronted Maher about this issue and things took an interesting turn.


    Mythinformed on X: “Bill Maher proves once again that he cannot escape his Trump Derangement Syndrome to the point of still defending the ‘Russian collusion’ hoax. https://t.co/jjmMk0CbHI” / X

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