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    Liberal Laughs At Conservatives Avoiding San Francisco Then Reality Happens – Anthony Brian Logan

    ByAnthony Brian Logan

    Nov 8, 2023

    A now-viral video shows a man laughing at and mocking conservatives who refuse to visit San Francisco over safety concerns. He says that the fuss behind violence in the city is overblown. The man goes on to say that the city is better without β€œthose types of people” in it. He even offers to give certain big names in the conservative moment like Ben Shapiro some sort of reward for pushing conservatives to avoid the region.

    The man followed the first video up with a series of others, including one that really stood out. The other video was of him saying that witnessed someone possibly getting beaten to death by 10 to 15 people in San Francisco. He said he had never seen that much blood before in person in his life. The tone in the post-beating video was much more somber without the snark and smiles from the anti-conservative video in which he was reacting to people attempting to warn him about the very thing that he witnessed with his own two eyes.

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