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    • Driver sends car flying off parked tow truck ramp in front of police | Body cam

    Driver sends car flying off parked tow truck ramp in front of police | Body cam

    originally posted at 11Alive:  11Alive is the NBC affiliate in Atlanta, Georgia. Visit 11Alive.com for more information  

    SpaceX Starship: Mega Pad Upgrade to Tame the Thrust, Boeing Starliner Delayed Indefinitely

    un 3, 2023 #spacex #starship #elonmusk Head to https://hensonshaving.com/marcushouse and enter code “MARCUS” at checkout to get 100 free blades with your purchase. Today, Starship and Starbase work screaming along.…

    How Blacks’ Experience in Idaho Differs From National Narrative

    By Arthur Goldberg / May 25, 2023 Originally Posted at /www.dailysignal.com A remarkable study highlights a barely known exception to the generally accepted truism that black Americans’ poverty and unemployment…

    Is Disney using the writers Strike As Cover For A Woke Purge???

    TRIGGERnometry Bank Account Cancelled

    Originally posted on TRIGGERnometry YouTube channel closing question, who do you Support for U.S. President in 2024 please take our poll at this LINK

    Jim Brown, Hall of Fame running back, actor, activist, dies at age 87

    Originally posted at the https://theathletic.com By Zac Jackson May 19, 2023 Jim Brown, the Hall of Fame running back, actor and activist who was commonly referred to as “The Greatest”…

    LIVE! COMCAST UNIVERSAL Earnings Call 1st Quarter 2023 | Reaction & Breakdown on VALLIANT RENEGADE’s Youtube Channel

    SpaceX Starlink 3-5 Launch | LIVE on spaceXcentric’ channel

    David Lindley, Instrumental Virtuoso Known for Guitar Work With Jackson Browne, Dies at 78 Striking out on his own, Lindley had a minor hit with ‘Mercury Blues’ before delving deeper into the realms of acoustic sounds and world music

      By Chris Willman at variety.com Original story link; https://tinyurl.com/6uswvx56 David Lindley, a virtuoso guitarist and multi-instrumentalist best known to many for his work with Jackson Browne, as well as a…

    Gary Rossington Dies: Guitarist And Last Surviving Original Member Of Lynyrd Skynyrd Was 71

    By Erik Pedersen, Patrick Hipes March 5, 2023 6:15pm original story link at DEADLINE: https://tinyurl.com/2p8tpt7c Guitarist and songwriter Gary Rossington, the last original member of Lynyrd Skynyrd, who survived their…