About This Site

Why Was This Site Created?

Uhh I’m Lazy,,

  • so Lazy that instead of going to each of my favorite content creators, I just bring them here so I can consume them here.
  • That’s why I created this site, for my ease of content consumption, and I share it with the internet and hope you find it useful.

Things to Think about:

  1. Yes I do Monetize the site as it costs me $$ to run it, and it would be nice to help defray my costs.
  2. Also I include all of my content providers merch and monetization links to help them make $$.
    • IF you are a content provider and do not want to participate hit the email link below and you’ll be removed.
    • Just remember you were added here because, You, are saying and moving the conversation and this site is looking for thought leaders who are doing just that.
    • Especially IF the content provider has been actively suppressed in the past.
      • just one thought, in Dec 2022 I was seeing 1,500 people a day.
      • Since 1 Jan 2023 our visitor count has cubed, that is doubled and doubled again and doubled a third and 4th time, and is showing numbers in the 30,000+ visitors per day, just sayin (16 Jan 2023).

email here: customersvc@kelsey-mcguire.com