Nick Rekieta’s Best Defense: The Constitution (LIVE)

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Disney DROWNED by DEI: Hollywood Bashed the Box Office, Now Begging Audiences to Return!

Disney DROWNED by DEI: Hollywood Bashed the Box Office, Now Begging Audiences to Return!

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With an INCREDIBLE Panel of @RealKeriSmith, @roncolemanlaw, @NolanThunder, @JonasJCampbell, LW Ghost and @LaReinaCreole

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Is George Lucas RETURNING to Star Wars? What my Hollywood Spies Discovered STUNNED ME!

There's a new rumor going around that George Lucas is returning to Star Wars, courtesy of Roger Christian via Star Wars Theory. I had my spies look into this rumor, and they turned up something VERY surprising, along with an update on the Jon Favreau situation. Here then is the timeline of their investigation, which stunned me when, at the zero hour, they CHANGED THEIR OPINION about this news. Watch this video to the END to see what they discovered, you WON'T be disappointed. And finally we address the question: does it matter anymore? Or is Star Wars damaged beyond all repair? #disney #starwars #lucasfilm

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