For Memorial Day, Imagine Speaking To Those We Once Honored, Like These…

For Memorial Day, Imagine Speaking To Those We Once Honored, Like These...

For Memorial Day, Imagine Speaking To Those We Once Honored, Like These…


This Memorial Day, imagine speaking to them.

Imagine briefing them on what has become of America, then asking, “Is this what you died for?”

Imagine their reaction.

Imagine, for example, speaking to the 16 dead Marines named on the memorial behind barriers at the former Marine training camp in Chicago, now housing illegal migrants.

Imagine, for a start, explaining today’s crime on our streets, our politicized legal system, woke indoctrination in the military, government censorship, the assault on free speech, the Palestinian flag raised over Daley Center in Chicago, the foreign influence peddling conducted in open view by a president and his family and the Venezuelan gang members arrested in Chicago, deportation of whom was thwarted by federal or local policies. Imagine telling them, whose motto was “Leave no man behind,” about the Afghanistan withdrawal process.

And imagine telling them that millions from many nations, including our enemies, are entering unchecked through an open border.

Those Marines’ survivors can only squint through the gates to see the abandoned memorial at the migrant center.

I took these pictures Sunday of the converted migrant facility at 3034 West Foster in Chicago. You can see the memorial only through the iron gates in the front.

The memorial to the Marines, inaccessible and barely visible behind the locked gates.

Trespassing signs are everywhere.

Most of it the facility is covered in blinds to prevent pictures.

Readers here who told me they tried to film it say they’ve been chased off.

Many of the migrants deserve pity and compassion, but if they entered illegally they must return home or to where they will be legally accepted. We have no other choice.

Honor the dead by imagining you could speak to them, but do not say “Happy Memorial Day.”

Tyler Durden
Mon, 05/27/2024 – 12:20

Deadpool ALREADY DOOMED to FLOP?! Insane Budget Revealed Means Disney NEEDS Another Billion!

Deadpool ALREADY DOOMED to FLOP?! Insane Budget Revealed Means Disney NEEDS Another Billion!

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The US Is Playing A Dangerous Game Of Nuclear Chicken With Russia

The US Is Playing A Dangerous Game Of Nuclear Chicken With Russia

The US Is Playing A Dangerous Game Of Nuclear Chicken With Russia

Authored by Andrew Korybko via Substack,

Polish Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski revealed in his latest interview with The Guardian that “The Americans have told the Russians that if you explode a nuke, even if it doesn’t kill anybody, we will hit all your targets [positions] in Ukraine with conventional weapons, we’ll destroy all of them. I think that’s a credible threat.”

If true, and there’s no reason to suspect that he simply made that up, then this amounts to the US playing a dangerous game of nuclear chicken with Russia.

As was explained in this analysis here about why Russia is presently undertaking tactical nuclear weapons exercises, it hopes to deter NATO from a conventional military intervention in Ukraine, barring which it wants to signal that it could resort to these arms if those forces cross the Dnieper.

From Russia’s perspective, the reportedly 100,000-strong force that NATO is preparing to invade Ukraine if its “red lines” are crossed could pose a threat to its territorial integrity if they attack its newly unified regions.

So long as they stay on the western side of the Dnieper, then there’d be no reason for Russia to countenance using tactical nuclear weapons, but they could realistically be employed in the event that they cross the river and credibly appear to be approaching that country’s new borders. In that scenario, Russia would have reason to drop them on the invading forces as a last resort out of self-defense to preemptively neutralize this threat in accordance with its nuclear doctrine.

Having brought the reader up to speed about the context within which Sikorski shared the US’ planned response to Russia potentially exploding nukes in Ukraine, it should now be easier to understand why this amounts to a dangerous game of nuclear chicken.

Essentially, the US wants Russia to stand down from its signaled intent of possibly using tactical nuclear weapons if NATO’s reportedly 100,000-strong invasion force crosses the Dnieper, which could occur if Russia achieves a military breakthrough.

If this sequence of events unfolds – the front lines collapse, NATO conventionally intervenes in Ukraine, its reportedly 100,000-strong invasion force crosses the Dnieper, Russia drops tactical nukes on them, and then the US hits all of its forces in the newly unified regions – then World War III would break out. There’s no way that Russia would sit back and let the US directly attack any target within its borders since it’ll either respond in a tit-for-tat fashion or jump to the chase by launching a nuclear first strike.

The only way to avoid this worst-case scenario is for NATO to eschew its invasion plans under any circumstances, including a potential Russian military breakthrough. If they still go through with them, however, then they should keep their forces on the western side of the Dnieper and ideally rely on a neutral mediator like India to convey to Russia that they don’t intend to cross even if they approach it. Anything less is a dangerous game of nuclear chicken that could literally provoke the apocalypse.

Tyler Durden
Mon, 05/27/2024 – 05:20

Trust The “Science”…That Just Retracted 11,000 “Peer Reviewed” Papers

Trust The "Science"...That Just Retracted 11,000 "Peer Reviewed" Papers

Trust The “Science”…That Just Retracted 11,000 “Peer Reviewed” Papers

It’s yet another reminder of why blindly ‘trusting the science’ may not always be the best go-to move in the future.

217 year old Wiley science publisher has reportedly “peer reviewed” more than 11,000 papers that were determined to be fake without ever noticing. The papers were referred to as “naked gobbledygook sandwiches”,  Australian blogger Jo Nova wrote on her blog last week

“It’s not just a scam, it’s an industry,” she said. “Who knew, academic journals were a $30 billion dollar industry?”

According to Nova‘s post, professional cheating services are employing AI to craft seemingly “original” academic papers by shuffling around words. For instance, terms like “breast cancer” morphed into “bosom peril,” and a “naïve Bayes” classifier turns into “gullible Bayes.”

Similarly, in one paper, an ant colony was bizarrely rebranded as an “underground creepy crawly state.” 

The misuse of terminology extends to machine learning, where a ‘random forest’ is whimsically translated to ‘irregular backwoods’ or ‘arbitrary timberland’.

Nova writes that shockingly, these papers undergo peer review without any rigorous human oversight, allowing egregious errors, like converting ‘local average energy’ to ‘territorial normal vitality’, to slip through.

The publisher Wiley has confessed that fraudulent activities have rendered 19 of its journals so compromised that they must be shuttered. In response, the industry is developing AI tools to detect these fakes, a necessary yet disheartening development. Nova writes:

The rot at Wiley started decades ago, but it got caught when it spent US $298 million on an Egyptian publishing house called Hindawi. We could say we hope no babies were hurt by fake papers but we know bad science already kills people. What we need are not “peer reviewed” papers but actual live face to face debate. Only when the best of both sides have to answer questions, with the data will we get real science:

In March, it revealed to the NYSE a $US9 million ($13.5 million) plunge in research revenue after being forced to “pause” the publication of so-called “special issue” journals by its Hindawi imprint, which it had acquired in 2021 for US$298 million ($450 million).

Its statement noted the Hindawi program, which comprised some 250 journals, had been “suspended temporarily due to the presence in certain special issues of compromised articles”.

Many of these suspect papers purported to be serious medical studies, including examinations of drug resistance in newborns with pneumonia and the value of MRI scans in the diagnosis of early liver disease. The journals involved included Disease Markers, BioMed Research International and Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience.

The problem is only becoming more urgent. The recent explosion of artificial intelligence raises the stakes even further. A researcher at University College London recently found more than 1 per cent of all scientific articles published last year, some 60,000 papers, were likely written by a computer.

In some sectors, it’s worse. Almost one out of every five computer science papers published in the past four years may not have been written by humans.

In Australia, ABC has reported on this issue, reflecting concerns over diminishing public trust in universities, which are increasingly seen as businesses rather than educational institutions. This perception is fueled by incidents where universities, driven by financial incentives, overlook academic fraud.

The core of the scientific community is corroded, exacerbated by entities like the ABC Science Unit, which rather than scrutinizing dubious research, often shields it.

This ongoing degradation calls for a shift from traditional peer review to rigorous live debates, ensuring accountability by having people argue their cases in real time.

In December 2023, Nature posted that more than 10,000 papers were retracted in 2023 — a new record.

You can read Nova’s full blog post here

Tyler Durden
Sun, 05/26/2024 – 23:20

Next 6 Months Completely Insane – Bill Holter

Next 6 Months Completely Insane – Bill Holter

by Greg Hunter, USA Watchdog: Back in August of 2023, precious metals expert and financial writer Bill Holter predicted there was a long list of financial trouble coming to America. A short list of problems is the commercial real estate implosion, CV19 vax injuries and deaths, deposits leaving the banking system and war all coming […]